Aneta Górecka

I help people discover and develop their potential.
I inspire them to reach for more both in their private
and professional lives.

My coaching programme will give you a fresh start
and help you face obstacles so you can feel stronger
on your path towards reaching desired goals.


Carl Gustaw Jung



I`m a professionally qualified coach, I work according to International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.

Supporting people on their paths towards reaching their desired goals has always been my passion.  I also love inspiring them to develop both personally and professionally.

I started my first business in 2011, I`m a born entrepreneur with a master`s degree in English Philology. I also finished "Academy of Management" at Personnel Training Insitute and "Coaching Studies" at Łazarski University in Warsaw. Thanks to continuous education I can offer professional services based on up-to date  knowledge.

I am a coach and a trainer, I mainly cooperate with entrepreneurs, business owners and with executive management. I also develop future leaders as an academic teacher at Warsaw School of Economics.



I run a business, a house, I have a lovely family. Yet, I`ve always faced difficulty managing my time. The situation was getting worse and worse. Aneta helped me solve my problem. During our sessions she would ask many questions which helped me understand how to manage my time. She presented interesting techniques which enabled me to take control. Now I feel deep satisfaction at the end of each day. Aneta is very observant, she takes care of her client and keeps in touch. Moreover, the meetings are sheer pleasure. She`s always positive and supportive. I highly recommend her as a coach 🙂

- Katarzyna Wysocka -


I really recommend coaching with Aneta Górecka

Last year I was lost in my life. I had many piled up problems, I couldn`t focus on solutions because everything was messy and chaotic. Today, after about 6 months of coaching, I have totally changed my mindset. I can say that I changed my attitude to goal-setting in my life, I take responsibililty for what I have and what I can achieve. Aneta is talented at directing our thinking process so that we can get answers to important questions and even create new  solutions.

She is very competent. It`s easy for her to build a relationship and gain our trust. It`s very important if you need to open yourself to talk about your problems. She`s very emphatic, positive and inspiring. She supports you all the time and helps you find and keep up your motivation. She helps you build your self-esteem and inner power.

I'm very happy that I had a chance to experience coaching with Aneta and improve quality of my life.

- Krzysztof -

I`ve always liked changes, unfortunately my health collapsed a few years ago. I faced a crisis in many areas of my life: personal, financial... and I lost my passion. I knew where I was going and I was aware what I wanted to work on but my sometimes a had a lack of energy. At that point I met Aneta. Thanks to her I totally changed my approach to coaching. She help me to face my problems and get clarity. Aneta Górecka is professional, experienced, engaged & emphatic. Working with her was a pleasure, I highly recommend her as a coach.

- Sara Legawiec -

I knew I needed to grow my business faster and more effectively.

At that time I didn`t know if coaching would help me. In fact, before I met Aneta, I hadn`t had any idea what coaching was all about.

My problem was that as much as I loved business, I felt overwhelmed by all responsibility (for my clients, my work, employees, etc.). I was blocked by a fear that something could possibly go wrong. Besides, I had some motivation issues.

After 6 months of our coaching process I totally changed my attitude towards the `overwhelming responsilibity` Now I know it`s crucial when it comes to running a business, plus I`m able to find my inner motivation to act effectively.

In addition, Aneta helped me identify my blockers, we worked on them and my mindset changed a lot. The coaching process helped me realize that the blockers are only in my head.

At the end of the process Aneta gave me one exercise which COMPLETELY CHANGED MY APPROACH towards running a business. I set BIG goals which are my main drive now.

What are the effects of the coaching process?
- I gained clarity about what is important for me
- I became a better entrepreneur & better employer
- I doubled my income
- I create ideas which I realize straightaway
- I decided to start another business
- I learned how to manage my team in a way they feel the responsibility
- I learned how to delegate tasks

I`d like to recommend cooperation with Aneta to anyone who would like to change something but thinks that change is hard or impossible.

A coaching process is not easy, but it`s worth it. Definitely.

- Patryk Janusz -

CEO Marketing, który działa. Artyści Reklamy





What can we achieve together?

  • Become the planning master, get more time for essential issues,
  • Manage your company like a real leader, inspire and build an autonomous & self-motivated team,
  • Become the top company, attact the best employees, introduce innovations, notice and use new possibilities,
  • Get new clients, improve your selling techniques,
  • Feel deep satisfaction and joy as the business owner, improve your mindset, regain passion and set ambitious goals.


dedicated to executive management

  • Improve your leadership competencies,
  • Develop your personality, work on management style, gain self-awareness,
  • Get a new perspective for strategic planning, boost performance,
  • Get work-life balance, improve your psychical resistance and self-care,
  • Raise your effectiveness in business and life, learn to manage your energy,
  • Build better relationships through developing emotional inteligence and communication.


Team coaching dedicated to teams.

  • Integrating team members around common goals, increasing involvement, motivation, responsibility, developing  proactiveness,
  • Boosting effectiveness and creativity,
  • Innovative approach in finding new solutions,
  • Building better relationships among team members through improving emotional inteligence and communication.
  • Getting to the essence in case of conflicts, solving problems.


is dedicated to people who want to change direction  and trasform their lives.

  • Look at your life from a bird`s eye view, catch distance and set new goals in accordance with your real needs, desires and values,
  • Start acting in a fearless way, discover inner motivation and power, feel satisfaction and deep joy,
  • Improve relationships thanks to working on your emotional intelligence and effective communication,
  • Boost self -esteem, get rid of limiting beliefs about yourself, tame your inner critic, stop being afraid of failure or judgy people,
  • Start controlling your time, learn how to plan in a smart way, build new habits and get work – life balance,
  • Discover your talents and believe in your potential. Plan your career wisely.


- Launch your business -

Business consultation is dedicated to new entrepreneurs who have  a business idea. We will set SMART goals, discover your mission and build a long – term  strategy.

  • Plan your business on the basis of your talents, find out which competencies you need to develop,
  • Build your business vision and mission, specify values that will direct you,
  • Set short-term and long-term goals,
  • Develop marketing and selling strategies,
  • Consult your website`s contents,
  • Build your clients` base,
  • Plan a dynamic brand development.


- Grow & scale your business -

I help business owners grow and scale their businesses.

  • Get an extensive feedback on your company`s image, the quality of your communication with clients, your team`s productivity and motivation level, marketing and selling strategies,
  • Refresh the fundamentals – values, vision, mission, team – building strategies,
  • Make short-term and long-term goals,
  • find out which competencies are needed in your team and plan how to get them,
  • Open yourself to new business possibilities.


What is the difference between a coach and a psychologist?
What does a coaching session look like?
What is the origin of coaching?
How do I know that a coach is a professionalist?
How long is a coaching session? How long does a coaching process last? What happens when we finish the process?
What is the difference between a coach and a psychologist?

A coach is your partner , he or she supports you on your way towards desired goals. He conducts with you transformational conversations, asks powerful questions, he never judges or advises.

Coaching concentrates on gaining an insight into reality and creating the best future of the client on the basis of his or her resources, need, values, vision and desires.

A psychologist  analyzes the problem which derives from the past and is preventing the patient from making progress in his or her life.

What does a coaching session look like?

The first session is a consultation whose aim is to analyze the client`s needs, goals and discussing the terms of cooperation. He or she will  also  experience a sample of a coaching session.

Each next session starts with summing up the client`s progress and discussing his or her homework. After defining the goal for the session we do a coaching exercise which enables the client to look at the objective from a different angle, buid awareness and come up with new solutions, jump at surprising conclusions. At the end of each session the client makes an action plan based on his or her findings, the coach sets homework.

What is the origin of coaching?

Coaching has its roots in ancient Greece. This method was used by Socrates. He used to ask people special kind of questions whose aim was to direct them at their objectives and inspire to take action.

In the 70`s Timothy Gallwey, a Harvard trainer, wrote a book `The inner game of tennis` whose aim was to show the effectiveness of the question method. He claimed that sportspeople achieved better results if they came up with strategies themselves and the biggest enemy of success was the one in their heads.

Coaching gained popularity in sport, then in business and it has achieved a reputation  of one the most effective methods of development.

How do I know that a coach is a professionalist?

A professional coach has a university  diploma in coaching or a certificate of finishing a prestiguous coaching course.

If he or she works according to standards of Internatioanl Coach Federation, there is a high probability that you are in good hands.

Ethical codex - ICF Poland

How long is a coaching session? How long does a coaching process last? What happens when we finish the process?

A typical session lasts about 90 minutes, meetings take place every 3 or 4 weeks. The process usually lasts a few months. The decision about fnishing the process is taken together by the client and the coach.

After completing the coaching programme the clients starts acting differently than before the process. They are more reflective,  know which questions to ak themselves. Such people start living with more self – awareness. The transformation   is significant and multidimensional, it  occurs at four levels: physical, behavioral, emotional and mental.